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Les cachets des controleurs

Information About Inspectors Stamps The inspector's stamp is usually found on the left side of the stock, just to the rear of the cut-off recess, it was placed on the stock upon final inspection of the assembled arm after manufacture or rebuild and overhaul....

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Les controleurs de 1904 à 1929

Known Springfield Armory Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors Initials Name Period FWA F.W. Adams 1904-1906 GBA G.B. Allen 1894-1920 JSA J.S. Adams 1890-1920 JWA J.W. Alden 1905-1906 CLB C.L. Bartlett 1904-1910 CMB C.M. Boyington 1901-1910 HMB H.M. Brooks 1902-1920...

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Les marquages des controleurs

Inspectors Stamps Augusta Arsenal (AA) (Overhaul and rebuild only) Marking Font/Notes Inspector (if known) BLOCK AAL BLOCK BLOCK AAP BLOCK AAR BLOCK BLOCK Benecia Arsenal (BA) (Rebuild only) Marking Font/Notes Inspector (if known) BA BLOCK BA-WK BLOCK...

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Les marquages d'épreuve

Proof Testing and Proof Marking Before leaving the manufacturer, M1903's and M1903A3's were proof tested for safety. Proof testing was done by firing several cartridges loaded to produce a pressure substantially greater than that produced by the standard...

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