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3 articles avec les variantes et modeles exotiques

Les variantes de 1903

"Ten Oddball '03 Springfield Variations"Courtesy of the Utah Gun Collectors Association's January 2002 show Click here for the Utah Gun Collectors Association site with dozens of great displays of collectible firearms of all periods. Copyright 2002 by...

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USMC M1903 a1

A Documented USMC M1903A1 Rifle Collectors have often speculated on the sorts of features which are likely to indicate a rifle used by the U.S. Marine Corps as a service rifle. There are a number of documented and authentic Marine Corps sniper rifles...

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Déjà 100 ans

M1903A1 Sniper Rifle The '03 was put back into production during World War II by the Remington Arms Co. Early Remington '03s (top) resembled those made previously by Springfield and Rock Island. Remington simplified manufacture with the M1903A3 (also...

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