The Model of 1913 Warner & Swasey sniper scope

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Ce texte en anglais est extrait d'une annonce parue dans "Auction Arms". This is a WW1 1903 Sniper rifle. These are VERY difficult to locate in original condition and this is a nice example of a carefully reassembled gun. Based on an original sniper rifle receiver (the gun had been sporterized but was easy to identify by the properly located holes for the mount), this gun has been rebarreled, the barreled action parkerized and the rifle restocked. The Model of 1913 Warner & Swasey sniper scope is all original with the exception of the reproduction eye-cup (the original is included but is too dried out for use). The scope mount is an original, not a reproduction. The scope comes the leather case that's in good shape but does show some wear and tear (the straps are broken). The barrel is WW1 vintage, marked for Springfield manufacture and dated 6-18. The stock is nicely cartouched W.E.S. for Army Inspector W.E. Strong. The stock shows use with the usual dents and dings and has a repaired crack on the right side just below the serial number. The serial number of the rifle is 928230 and the scope is marked inside the mounting rail for rifle 632168 (they are commonly mismatched). Scope serial number is 2646. The scope has pretty good optics although there is some debris in the sight picture (see photo). The reticle is the correct type and intact. The windage knob works properly but the elevation knob appears to be frozen (I've not tried to work on it, it may be a relatively easy fix). The rifle appears to be in good shape mechanically and the bore is excellent. The front sight protector is a later WW2 vintage item.

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phil 12/07/2008 09:41

Moi aussi

claude 15/03/2008 18:22

Je suis plus Mauser 1898, première génération, mais le 1903 est une belle arme...

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