Les marquages des crosses reconstruites

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Government Arsenal Stock Rebuilding Marks

Marking on Stock  Arsenal Performing Overhaul
AA Augusta Arsenal
AN Anniston Arsenal
BA Benicia Arsenal
HOD Hawaiian Ordnance Depot.
MR Mt. Ranier Arsenal
OG Ogden Arsenal
PaOD Panama Ordnance Depot.
POD Philippine Ordnance Depot.
RA Raritan Arsenal
RIA Rock Island Arsenal
RRA Red River Arsenal
SA Springfield Armory
SAA San Antonio Arsenal

Note: Except for Springfield Armory and Rock Island Arsenal, most of the above ordnance facilities did not overhaul weapons until World War II and later. After the rifles were rebuilt, the initials of the facility and, occasionally, the initials of the individual inspector as well were stamped on the left side of the stock.

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